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Most 4X games involve some sort of diplomacy element. This game is no different. Players can co-operate manually - sharing information and resources, agreeing friendly codes and so on - but there are many limitations to this. Modern host programs allow formal alliances of varying degrees, which will allow players to work together more closely.

In PHost there are five destinct alliance levels in order to allow various degrees of co-operation.

  • the ship level alliance
  • the planetary level alliance
  • the combat alliance
  • the mine field alliance
  • the vision alliance

The ship level alliance will allow your partner to see all your ships and their cargo. Along with a planetary alliance, your ships can use the ally's planets and bases in order to beam up resources, load torps or repair ships.

The planetary level will allow your partner to see all your planets and their resources, structures and so on the same way you see them. It will allow him access to these resources, too.

The combat level will tell your ships not to fight the partners ships, regardless of their Primary Enemy settings or mission.

The mine level will grant your partner save passage through your mine fields and allow him to lay mine fields in your name. Your mines will also not be destroyed anymore by his mines and vice versa.

The vision level will give your partner all your scanner, both planets and ships readings that you make.

Some games forbid co-operation between players - these are also known as 'anonymous' games, because players are not allowed to know each other's email addresses.

Other games are deliberately set up as team games - 5 v 5, 3 v 3 v 3, whatever.

By default you are on your own, and must use your powers of diplomacy to persuade other players to ally with you.

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