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In order to establish alliances, you have with phost the possibility to do so via the allies command message(s):

establish alliance: allies add <player#>

modify an alliance: allies config <player#> <options> where the options are as follows: ~x: grant property x on the condition the other grants it to you, too +x: grant property x unconditionally to your ally -x: disallow access to property x to your ally

There are five different properties for an alliance (see details there):

  • c: combat alliance (e.g. ships won't fight)
  • m: minefield alliance (e.g. your mines won't harm your ally)
  • p: planetary alliance (e.g. you grant access to your planets)
  • s: ship alliance (e.g. you grant visibility of your ships)
  • v: vision alliance (e.g. you grant access to your sensor data)

For example you might send a message to YOURSELF like

allies add 2
allies config 2 ~c -m ~v ~s +p

which would add race #2 as your ally and grant them unconditionally a planetary alliance, allow them a combat, if they do mutually, too, the same goes for vision and ship alliance, but you disallow them to travel savely through your mines (no mine alliance).

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