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As battles are usually fought on a one to one basis, the order your ships and possibly your planet or base fights an enemy can be of vital importance. The battle order is mainly defined by the friendly code of the ship or planet.

In general: the lower a friendly code is, the earlier the ship will fight. Using numbers, the values can range from -99 to 999 where leading blanks are allowed. A planet with a NUK or ATT friendly code gets assigned a battle value of 0, ships with weapons with a non numeric friendly code receive a battle value of 1000, planets without numeric friendly code and planetary defence posts 1001, freighters and unarmed ships 1002 and planets without any defences 1003.

There is one exception to this battle order, called cloaked intercept. This comes into play, if a ship capable of cloaking intercepts a ship and initiates a fight. Then the fight between the cloak capable vessel and its intercept target is fought prior to all other combats. If multiple cloak capable vessels intercept the same target, the normal battle order rules apply when it comes to the determination of the battle order against the intercept target. Note, that during a cloaked intercept the intercepting vessel is NOT cloaked, though.

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