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Beam weapons are one of three ways ships and planets can damage each other in combat (see also torpedoes and fighters). Beams are energy weapons which are mounted on the hulls of warships.

Beams are usually less effective in combat than torpedoes or fighters - but they are the most important defence against fighters.

Beams are also used for sweeping away minefields

There are ten different types of beams. More powerful types cost more resources and megacredits to build, but they are more effective in combat and are more effective at minesweeping.

Each type of beam weapon has the following characteristics:

Cost to build, in resources and megacredits

Beam tech level required at the starbase to build it

Mass, in kilotons (this adds to the hull mass of the ship for fuel consumption purposes, but not for combat purposes)

A "kill damage" rating, which determines how fast the beam kills ship crew

An "explosive damage" rating, which determines how fast the beam destroys ships and planetary defences

A number of mines it will sweep

A recharge rate, which will determine how much time must pass in combat before it can fire again

A base hit probability, which determines how likely it is to hit its target

The last two are specific to PHost - all the others are used in all games. For exact details, see your ship list documentation.

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