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Concerning beamup there are multiple missions available. They can be destinguished

  • beamup fuel
  • beamup tritanium
  • beamup duranium
  • beamup molybdenum
  • beamup supplies
  • beamup clans

The above mentioned missions will gather all of the specified resource and try to load as much into the cargo room of your ship as possible - either limited by the availability on the planets surface or the size of the ship's cargo hold, whichever is less. The most powerfull beamup mission is

  • beamup multiple

This mission allows you to specify the exact amounts of all resources, clans, supplies and money in exact amounts. In order to do so, you have to send a message to yourself that specifies the amounts with a line that reads like this:

beamup multiple <shipID> Nxxx Txxx Dxxx Mxxx Sxxx Cxxx $xxx

Replace <shipID> by the ID number of your ship doing this mission and the xxx by the respective amounts you like to beamup. The first letter abbreviate the resource to beamup:

  • Neutronium
  • Tritatnium
  • Duranium
  • Molybdenum
  • Supplies
  • Clans
  • $: Money

If any of the quantities is zero, you may leave out the corresponding part entirely.

Access to the beamup clans, beamup supplies and beamup multiple missions can be controlled in your game configuration via the parameters AllowBeamupSupplies, AllowBeamupClans and AllowBeamupMultiple.

The next turn you'll receive a message that tells you how much was beamed up to your ship:

(-s0156)<< Transporter Log >>

From: 156 Topsid
We have beamed up the following cargo
from Lunar V (#259):
  0 KT neutronium
  2 KT tritanium
  2 KT duranium
  2 KT molybdenum
  0 clans
  0 supplies
  0 megacredits

It might be note-worthy to mention that these missions work without fuel and are performed after the Orions Rob mission. This way, you may be robbed, but orbiting a friendly planet, you may beam up fuel afterwards and a tow capture will fail, at least this turn. Not though, that a planet may change ownership in the cargo transfer stage by ground combat.

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