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Bioscanners are a special hull function of certain ships. They are activated by the Sensor Sweep mission. In additional to the usual Sensor Sweep results, bioscanners may reveal the exact numbers of native lifeforms present on the planet, or in the absence of these, report their absence. Note that bioscanners can be blocked by planetary defence posts, so you cannot be certain that a planet is empty. This number of defence posts differs from the number of defence posts neccessary to block Sensor Sweep; the default value is 20.

There are (currently two) different grades of bioscanners available. The difference is how likely they are to scan for lifeforms successfully. The two current models work at 20% ("normal") and 100% ("advanced" or "full"), that is, the "normal" variant will check out 1/5th of the planets within scanrange each turn, the "advanced" version will give you a report on every single planet within scan range.

FROM: Brynhild scanner
ID # 146
Bio Scanners show
On : Cephei 198
Planet ID# 198
Sensors show
1013500 lifeforms
Climate = 23

As well as detailing lifeforms, Bioscanners also reveal the temperatures of the planets scanned. The Evil Empire is able to fake bioscanner reports. All Empire planets with natives will be reported as having Amorphous natives instead of the actual race. If the bioscanner is owned by the Rebels, the Empire can not fake the reports; Rebels always see the true native race.

Bioscanners can be very useful for efficient early expansion.

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