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Once the ship limit is reached, the order in which new ships are built becomes enormously important. There are two main approaches to this:

First In First Out (FIFO) This is the simplest approach - every build order is appended to the build queue, and ships are built in queue order as and when opportunities arise. With a balanced ship list in which each race's best ships are comparable in combat, the FIFO queue is a sensible choice.

Points system All other build queue systems use some kind of points - these can be called Priority Build Points (PBP), or Player Activity Level? points, or whatever. It doesn't matter what they're called - what matters is how you acquire them. This you must find out from your host before the game starts, because it will make a huge difference to your strategy. You must spend these points to move your ship build orders to the top of the queue, so that they can get built. If you don't do this, your builds will languish in the queue while other players' builds get moved to the top and built.

Most widely used is the PBP system, that basically gives you points for destroying ships which you can spend to build ships. Usually the PBPs suffice to build half of the ships, the other half is build according to a FIFO queue.

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