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There are three ship abilities that relate to the establishment of a chunnel:

  • Chunnel self
  • Chunnel others
  • Chunnel target

In general the establishment of a chunnel requires two ships to co-operate, one to act as chunnel target and the other one to open it. In order to open a chunnel, the chunnel target has to rest the entire movement phase and the same goes for the ship opening the chunnel. Additionally, the ship opening the chunnel will need at least 51kT of fuel abord and burn 50kT of fuel in order to establish the chunnel. In order to specify the target ship, the ship opening the chunnel will have to set its friendly code to the ID number of the chunnel target.

A ship that possesses chunnel self is able to open a chunnel to a ship with the chunnel target property. It will be able to transport itself through that chunnel. A ship that has chunnel others will open a chunnel and allow other ships at the same position to travel through the chunnel, but it will not travel through the chunnel itself. Other ships chunnel, if they meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • are of the same owner as the ship opening the chunnel
  • are an ally with a ship level alliance to the ship owner of the chunnel opener.
  • are at warp speed zero
  • are cloaked

In general, an each of these chunnel abilities is a hull ability that may only be available once a certain level of experience is reached by the crew.

Other effects

A ship which travelled through a chunnel will end up after movement with its warp speed reset to zero and - important for combat - it will start any combat in that same turn without any shields.

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