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Cloaking is one of the most common hull functions, and one of the most useful. A cloaking device hides a ship from enemy scanners, so it is invisible. Although this does not make the ship any more powerful in combat, it allows the owner to choose his fights. It also allows the dropping of clans for ground combat undetected, sneaking into the middle of enemy space to lay inconvenient minefields, and other naughtiness.

Cloaked ships travel through minefields more easily than uncloaked ships (though there is precious little rationale for this) - they are roughly half as likely to hit a mine. Cloaking devices very occasionally fail at random, and almost always fail within 10LY of a tachyon field (see AntiCloakImmunity and Romulans, Gorn and Federation). Ships damaged beyond a certain percentage may not cloak. Also, cloaked ships may burn extra fuel. See your host configuration and your ship list documentation for details of all this stuff - there may be up to half a dozen variations on the basic cloaking device. (See also Advanced Cloak, Hardened Cloak, AntiCloakImmunity, Glory Devices and Advanced Anticloak.)

Ship actions which can be performed while cloaked (either because they are initiated by someone else or because they use friendly codes):

Ship actions which cannot be performed while cloaked, usually because they require a mission setting, which therefore precludes cloaking:

Ship actions which could theoretically be done while cloaked but there are no known ship designs (at least in the default ship list) which offer this combination of functions:

If this looks like a dog's breakfast of inconsistency, that's because it is. Please see the mission page for more on this.

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