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Some thoughs about PList 3.0, playing the Colonies by Ingo von Borstel (planetmaker) and Tilman Springborn (Tilli)

  • Taurus:
Quite nice, if nothing else can be build. Is a good money transporter later in the game and a good explorer early in the game. It's cargo room of 120 allows for small transport tasks, too. Gets a gambling device at level 2, but this is of little interest, but a nice addition. Its large fuel tank and small weight allows its use as small, short-range fuel transporter.
  • Sirius:
Don't build it, except nothing else can be build. Then build it with the least engines and recycle it later when a good ship of yours is at the edge of the queue. A Sirius with somewhat adepate engines can be used as money transport, though.
  • Aries:
Depends. The question is, wether the mineral costs are outweighed by the money gain, starting from turn t+3. Can produce 320MC per turn with its gambling device. With Bistromatics it can be used as a tower for large frighters.
  • Dead Parrot:
Not strictly neccessary. But a nice, cheap tower for large frighters, especially due to its low mass. Gets level two tow at level two, but well...
  • Rising Star:
Important and build a few. A good ship for trade with its advanced refinery option. Even though many ships gain a RamScoop at higher levels, you will still need fuel, at least in some places - and if it is only to keep your home economy running where the RamScoop battleships are not present. But also helps attack fleets, that have not risen to a self sustaining fuel economy regarding experience. It pays off to train at least one to L4, to gain the terraforming ability to heat arctic planets to 50 degrees.
  • Virgo:
The workhorse of your fleet. Build at least a hand full. The Ramscoop is worth a lot. Build with Bistromatics. It provides your mine cover, is a good tower, fleet tender and with its Ramscoop also perpetual fuel carrier. Combined with Hansas or Talarians they make up a usable transportation combination. But its main uses are fuel generation and mine protection, thus give it at least Arkons, better Katalys, or if you have a lot of cash, Selphy.
  • Gemini:
Your fighter builder. With 6 beams and a full complement of fighters it is also nicely usable for minesweeping. Handy comes the repair facility at L2, so any attack fleet should contain one of these for three purposes: building fighters, supplying fighters and repairing battle ships.
  • Savvy:
Your accademy ship. Build at least one or two, can be without engines and weapons. Train them at a good supply planet (>200 supplies / turn) and use them to train your battleships; that pays off!
  • Gallofree:
Versatile medium-sized battle-cruiser with a small fuel tank. Gains planet imunity at L3 - so it's nice to have at least one scout of this type in the mid-game. Build a few of these.
  • Hansa:
The freighter of your choice. Build with or without engines. In the latter case make sure, you have a tower (Dead Parrot, Virgo, Foundation, Aries) at hand.
  • Sagittarius:
The big brother of the Gemini with a mass of more than 100kT, so in heavily mined area it is better to use this as a fleet tender than a Gemini. Good fighter building capacity and a fully stocked Sagitarius has a nice sweep capacity. If an attack fleet is low in fighters or minerals / fuel, its Alchemy function at L4 might be useful. I haven't used it so far, though.
  • Borallus:
Light carrier capable to kill any base. Universally deployable and also good use as "pre-killer" in some cases before the Atlantia or Carillon does the kill against heavy battleships. Train it to L2 in order to gain the RamScoop. Don't go below 100 fighters, better keep them stocked at full capacity or they are not worth their money.
  • Topsid:
Medium cruiser. Uses are to soften up large carries and, especially useful, trained to L4, its anticloak capability. Thus build at least one or two and train them. Don't train them much, if you use them to soften up an enemy battle ship. You'll need two of these AND an Atlantia to kill a DeathStar. Fighting a fighter race, you may consider to use Inpotron beams over Multitrafs - they shoot faster.
  • Carillon:
Larger, heavier and more powerful than the Borallus with Ramscoop from the start. Nice as it needs a large battleship to kill it. A Carillon and a base will kill nearly any heavy battleship save DeathStar and Exterminator.
  • Merlin:
You need them.
  • Ferengi:
The large freighter. You'll need some. Can be build without engines.
  • Atlantia:
Not much to say: the more the better. The Ramscoop at L3 makes it in most cases independent of fuel. Build it with good beams and engines.

Some general remarks: Your fuel troubles are small compared to other nations. For you it is especially easy to remove all fuel from border planets - and still harvest them normally, using RamScoop ships. You have an Accademy ship, use this to your advantage. Train your battle ships to give them the edge over your enemies - you will need it. Leave the Savvys at places with many supplies in order to allow them to accumulate constantly experience. Use your Virgos for laying mines while flying maximum distances to generate enough fuel for your attack and support fleets. If nothing can be build, build a Rising Star as it's a nice, small freighter, far better than the Sirius, and even later in the game, and it can be a nice trading ship. Make sure, you have at least one or two Atlantia before the ship limit hits.

In the early game, before the ship limit, it's not strictly necessary to go for the best beams available, Desintegrators (fast!), Phasors or ElectronRams will do, but of course, the better the more powerful. But always go for Bistromatic Engines for all ships and Selphy, if you build Topsids and Kataly for your Virgos. Rising Star can do with Improbs, Freighters, Merlins, Savvy can do without engines at all. After the ship limit build everything at maximum tech.

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