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This page is just a collection of thoughts and experiences which I made fighting the Cylons in PList 3.0 and 3.1 games:

  • Taurus Class Scout: A small armed freighter with a giant fuel tank. Gets planet imunity at level 2 (PList 3.1). Also in the later game it's a nice money transporter and can distribute small cargo. Planet immunity makes it a cheap scout.
  • Sirius Cybernetics Freighter: Not worth to build often, if at all.
  • Goblin Class Baseship: With an advanced bioscanner, the planet immunity at level 3 and it's four fighter bays it's the scout of your choice. It can easily kill underdeveloped planets and avoid combat using its planet immunity - still useful later in the game. And given the bioscanner it'll provide you with valuable scanner information at least early on. They're relatively cheap, especially wrt tech levels, so build a few of them. Even later, a small fleet of them will allow you to quickly assess where to send your real combat ships. Stock them with 50 fighters for such missions.
  • Troll Class Minelayer: Your mine layer. With a cargo capacity of 300 and the 4-times mine laying advantage it has the potential to lay three full 200LY mine fields with one load. Always build with the best torp tube available: Selphy. You can be cheap with the beams. Build a few (4..6) of those prior to the ship limit. If you don't gain mine supperiority against any race except possibly Tholian or Colonial, you do something wrong.
  • Gnome Class Fuel Tanker: With 160 cargo capacity and only 541 fuel capacity it's more a fighter builder and repair ship (which it gains at level 4) than a fuel transporter which is done by the Taurus just as well. It's well suitable as tower for freighters without engines. In the absence of, or as complement to, a Basilisk, it's well worth to train a Gnome to L4.
  • Alderaan Class destroyer: Small mine layer and gains terraforming (cooling) at level 2. Build with good tubes. Due to its small fuel tank a good engine may be suitable. The terraform and mine laying capability make it well worth to build as 2nd line and support ship.
  • Foundation Class Freighter: The usual small freighter. Use it to tow the bigger ones.
  • Dwarf Class Ore Explorer: Small fighter carrier with the Ore Condensor ability. Moderately useful in some places. When it comes to fighter carrying and building capacity the Goblin is more suitable due to its more versatile nature. One Dwarf won't hurt, though.
  • Manticore Class Flak Battery: Twelve tubes, no beams and virtually no fuel tank: a stationary flak battery as the name tells, suitable to soften up bigger ships before they're killed by either your starbase or a bigger carrier. An expensive engine doesn't hurt here in order to provide more combat mass.
  • Talarian Class Merchantman: Medium freighter. Doesn't hurt to have a few
  • Orc Class Baseship: Small to medium carrier with a decent punch for the buck. It can kill most non-base planets well and fares also well agains most ships of its size. It has also a sufficient cargo capacity in order to ship around a few fighters in your territory or to the front line. Build with good engines.
  • Hansa Class Large Transport: Decently sized frighter. Build a few - your heavy hitters are resource sinks, you'll need to carry quite a bit of minerals.
  • Ogre Class Baseship: If you need to sweep, this ship is your choice. Always build with good beams. Also, it kills all planets, and even many not high-end bases.
  • Miraculx Class Refinery Ship: Your source of fuel. You want to accompany your combat groups with one of these and have one ore two in your own space, too. Your ships are definitely not equipped with a 3 liter engine; they drink fuel like a hummer. It's worth to train them to level 3 where they gain advanced refinery. You want that especially on those which you take to the front line where resources are especially scarce.
  • Hydra Class Baseship: Your battle cruiser, with a decent cargo capacity to kill two fully-stocked bases without needing new fighters. Build with at least fast beams.
  • Basilisk Class Station: As the name implies: a station. With 5000kT fuel and 2500kT cargo capacity it is well suited to keep a fleet supplied with fighters and fuel over a longer operation. Teamed with a Merlin and Miraculix you have a self-sustained fleet, if you find at least some supplies. Handy comes also the in-built anti cloak capability and the repair facility which is gained at L1. The Anti cloak capability becomes crucial, if you fight a cloaker race. It might be worth to have it reach L4 where it gains the commander ability. Due to its limited combat capability it's a hard endavour, though.
  • Dragon Class Baseship: The crown of your ship list which can compare to every other top battle ship except the Death Star (Empire) and the Exterminator (Borg). Don't be cheap here.
  • Merlin Class Alchemy Ship: You need minerals. Many minerals as your ships are relatively expensive. Also your fighters as your torps want to be built...
  • Ferengi Class Trading Vessel: The freighter of your choice. Team it with a freighter with few engines (e.g. Foundation) and you have all the capacity to haul the resources needed to build a Dragon or a Basilisk. Also, of course, useful to get re-supplies and clans to the front line.

Generally and as always, it pays off to have more experienced ships. So it might be worth to train them a bit. The combat ships are trained with demolishing moderately sized enemy planets and bases best ;) It can be a good idea to team a Miraculix and Merlin - they can then produce both, minerals and fuel at the same time. Alternatively team a Miraculix or Merlin with a freighter each and tow them. In any case, watch your fuel.

Combat tactics:

Two Dragons will virtually kill any ship - if and only if they're similarily experienced as it. Hydras do well in killing off the planets just next to your assault track or to serve as first combat ship which ensures that your Dragon will survive the combat. There're cases where the result will be much more favourable when sending in the Dragon, though. Mind tactics of your enemy where they'll send a medium torp ship followed by a big carrier - you'll loose in those cases. Bring your own Manticore to counter this tactic. Stay under cover of your mines. Use your advantage there to the utmost. Your enemies will need to carry supplies constantly or face the thread to enter combat with damaged ships. Try to cover as much of your enemy's territory in mines as possible. It may have a devasting effect on his economy, but surely will slow him down. Having more than the bare minimum of Trolls (and Alderaans) ensures that you'll be able to move your mine fields frequently, making sweeping them even more difficult. Make sure your Trolls are sufficiently supplied with new minerals and money.

Other ships:

If you can get hold of a Falcon or at least some other hyperjumper for money transport - great news for you!

A cloaking mine layer, of course, can be VERY nice in your hands, too. Just think of a Raptor as a cloaking Troll...

If you can get hold of a Gemini or Sagittarius Transport: also good news - you lack with the exception of the Basilisk a big fighter builder.

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