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Defence posts are the third type of planetary structure you can build on your planets (see also mines and factories). When a planet is colonised for the first time, there will be no defence posts there. Defence posts, as the name suggests, make it harder for enemy races to conquer the planet. Every defence post adds 1kt to the planet's mass in combat. The number of beams, fighter bays and torpedo tubes the planet has in combat is also determined by the number of defence posts - see below and your host documentation for exact details.

Every 20 defence posts increases the ground combat strength of your clans by one.

Defence posts also hide the planet's activity from enemy scanners: 15 defence posts renders the planet immune to the Sensor Sweep mission, 20 defence posts renders it immune from Bioscanners. (These numbers are defaults - check your host config for the exact numbers.)

Defence posts each cost 10 megacredits and 1 supply to build. One defence post can be built for each of the first 50 clans on a planet. After that the number slows exponentially - the exact formula for >50 clans is

Max_Defence_Posts = 50 + sqrt(#clans - 50)

If there are more defence posts on the planet than this limit, the excess defence posts will decay (usually at a rate of 5 per turn). Defence posts on unowned planets will decay to nothing.

Defence posts can be lost if a planet is damaged by an enemy ship in combat. If the planet is conquered by the ship, all defence posts are lost. If the planet is conquered by ground combat, defence posts are not lost.

Unlike factories and mines, defence posts are not destroyed during riots or civil wars the occupants of a planet may carry out. But they will decay, if there are more defence posts on the planet's surface than the colonists' population can sustain.

Defence posts are also destroyed by the Rebel Ground Attack special mission

(I think the stuff below is too much detail for a newbie-friendly wiki - CC 01/02/07)

Planet combat capability as a function of defence posts:
Combat_mass = 100 + Eff_Planet_Defense
Beam_type = Round(Sqrt(Eff_Planet_Defense / 2))
Beam_count = Round(Sqrt(Eff_Total_Defense / 3))
Torp_type = Round(Sqrt(Eff_Planet_Defense / 2))
Tube_count = Round(Sqrt(Eff_Total_Defense / 4))
Torp_count = Tube_count * PlanetaryTorpsPerTube

If a base is present, the base's defences are added to the combat mass and if the base's torp or beam tech is higher than calculated above, it is taken instead. A base has an additional 5 fighter bays and the base fighters for defence.

# defencesmass# beamsbeams# Fighterbays# torps# tubestubes

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