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Factories are one of the three types of structures you can build on your planets (see also mines and defence posts). When a planet is colonised for the first time, there will be no factories there. If you take a planet that has been previously owned by another race, you may find some factories already there - but you may not.

A factory costs one supply unit and three megacredits to build. It is recommended that you bring supplies and megacredits to new planets from your homeworld, which does start with factories. Without supplies you will not be able to build anything on your new world. A factory is a structure on the surface of the planet that produces supplies every turn. The factories will produce one supply unit per factory on the planet per turn. The supplies can be used to build more factories, mines or defence posts. The supplies can also be converted into megacredits, or shipped off planet for use elsewhere in your empire.

Other than producing supplies, factories have only one effect on the game: they reduce happiness.

The number of factories you can build depends on the number of colonists on the planet. You can build 1 factory per clan for the first 100 clans, after which the number grows exponentially slowly. The exact formula for the number of factories allowed on a planet with over 100 clans is

Max_Factories_Allowed = 100 + sqrt(#clans - 100)

If there are more factories on the planet than this limit, the excess factories will decay (usually at a rate of 5 per turn). Factories on unowned planets will decay to nothing.

If the happiness of your colonists or natives drops so low that they start rioting, factories will be destroyed in the riots.

Factories are also destroyed by the Rebel Ground Attack special mission

Your homeworld will usually start with at least 100 factories already built and generating supplies for you.

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