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The Federation people are the "good guys" and the name is not by chance similar to the one from StarTrek.

The Federation's special mission is superrefit. That will allow them to change the equipment of any ship they own at their starbases. This will save them a lot of money in buying tech levels for their starbases, and is extremely important in games which are affected by the ship limit (because the Fed player can build empty hulls before the ship limit, and refit them afterwards when s/he has money and resources).

They are highly skilled traders and have a very efficient economy. This will allow them to extract twice the taxes from colonists and natives alike. On the other hand, they have very strict environmental laws, thus their mines only operate at 70% efficiency compared to the galactic standard. The parameters (ColonistTaxRate, NativeTaxRate, ProductionRate and RaceMiningRate) can be changed in the host configuration, though.

Further, all Federation ships normally gain the so-called "Scotty-Bonus". This will give their ships 50kT more mass in combat and access to full weaponry on all of their ships. Also their carriers have an additional three fighter bays.

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