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Fighters are one of three ways ships and planets can damage each other in combat (see also beams and torpedoes). Fighters are small, agile vessels with weak lasers which are carried in the cargo holds of larger ships called, oddly enough, carriers. Each fighter weighs exactly 1kt.

The effectiveness of fighters in combat depends largely on the number of fighter bays on the ship or planet. More bays means more fighters can launch in a given time period, with increasing chance of overwhelming the enemy. Once in range, fighters fire their lasers at the enemy ship or planet, reducing its shields and then damaging it, eventually destroying it.

Fighters can be destroyed by beams or by enemy fighters. They cannot be destroyed by torpedoes.

Some races can use fighters to sweep away minefields. Traditionally only the Colonials can do this.

Fighters can be created in three ways:

1. At a starbase, they can be built manually at a cost of 100 megacredits, 3kt Tritanium and 2kt Molybdenum, each. All races can do this.

2. Some races receive 'free' fighters at their starbases. These fighters are not truly free, in that they still require 3kt Tritanium and 2kt Molybdenum to be available on the planet (per fighter), but they are free in the sense of not costing 100MC. Traditionally the Evil Empire receives the most free fighters per starbase.

3. Some races can build fighters on their carriers using the Build Fighters or Gather-build mission. These fighters cost the same minerals (3T 2M), but they require 5 supplies instead of 100MC. Traditionally the Cylons, Rebels and Colonials can do this.

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