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Friendly codes are a sort-of access code to the object which caries it, which can be a ship, a planet or a mine field. Friendly codes are three digit, case sensitive codes used on ships and planets (a starbase has the same code as the planet it orbits). Friendly codes can contain A-Z, a-z, 0-9, !"$%^&*()[]{}-=_+@~'#;:<>,./\|` and spaces.

They are called friendly codes because if two objects have the same friendly code, they will not fight each other (regardless of Primary Enemy or Mission settings).

Unfortunately this original intention has been dramatically undermined by the creation of half a zillion special friendly codes. These have been used to facilitate game actions which were beyond the capabilities of the original client program, such as HYPerjumps, chunnelling, wormhole scanning etc. One of the aims of the PlanetsCentral team is to update both host and client programs with a new command interface, such that special friendly codes are no longer necessary. This will return friendly codes to their original purpose.

Minefields also have friendly codes. A minefield friendly code is the same as the friendly code of the nearest planet owned by the same player as the minefield. Any ship with a matching friendly code can travel safely through the minefield.

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