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A glory device is a special hull function, found traditionally on one or two Klingon ships. It is a self-destruct mechanism, which consumes the ship in an explosion of energy. This energy will damage all nearby ships, including friendly ships, and it will also uncloak any cloaked ships in the vicinity. The damage done to enemy ships is the same as that done by hitting a mine. The damage done to friendly ships is 1/10 (D10) or 1/5 (D20) this amount, depending on which type of glory device is used.

Further, the low damage glory device (D10) is able to detect also cloaked ships with Anti Cloak Immunity whereas the high damage glory device (D20) will not detect those ships.

The glory device can be detonated manually, or it can be configured so that the explosion will be triggered when a cloaking ship is nearby In order to set it to unconditional explosion, set the ship's friendly code to "pop".

If you like it to blow up only, if a cloaker is at your position, set the friendly code to "trg". You need fuel on board of your vessel in order to perform this anticloak function. Note though, that victim ships accumulate damage and explode if they reach 100%. If they exceed NoCloakDamage, they will explode after all glory device actions have happened. That is, multiple poppers will trigger -- but only until the victim explodes. 10 Penguins and a cloaked D'Deridex means 7 Penguins explode (7*16% damage > 100% to the D'D). (Stefan Reuther) [1]

Host order

Generally, Glory Devices explode in order of ID. This has the effect, that a (or more) low ID glory ship may destroy a high ID glory ship before it can detonate.

Glory devices are the bane of large fleets, because they can inflict much more damage (one mine hit on every ship in the fleet) than the ship would be able to do in straightforward combat.

One side effect of the glory device is that the explosion will kill all amorphous natives, if the device is detonated over a planet. In such case for every 1000 clans of Amorphous natives living on that planet, one supply unit is put on the planet's surface.

[1] This is different for THost. There only the first popper will explode and all cloaked ships will thus be de-cloaked regardless of the cloak failure settings.

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