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Ground combat occurs when clans belonging to one race are dropped from a ship onto a planet which already contains clans of a non-allied race. (Clans dropped by an allied ship are merely given to the owner of the planet.)

Ground combat is usually a matter of simple superiority - clans are lost on a 1-for-1 basis, and the race with clans left over takes ownership of the planet. Two things can change this:

1. Every multiple of 20 defence posts increases the strength of defending troops by one

2. Some races have instrinsically higher ground combat strength - traditionally the Gorns and Klingons. Ask your host about this at the start of the game. Your game configuration file pconfig.src should contain two lines that read GroundKillFactor (attack) and GroundDefenseFactor (defence factors) respectively. Each is followed by eleven values in the row that specify the players attack or defence ratios.

A good client program will be able parse the host configuration and estimate how many clans you need to take a given planet.

Ground combat, like ship combat, is one-on-one. That is to say, if two enemies drop clans over a 3rd party planet on the same turn, one will fight first, and then the other will fight the victor. Ask your host how the order of fights is determined in these situations.

Ground combat is a good way to capture starbases, since they take no part in ground battles.

Imperial Assault is the apotheosis of ground combat.

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