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The clans of colonists on each planet have a happiness rating. This ranges from 100% (perfectly happy) down to -255% (rioting). Key breakpoints are

70% - below this level the clans will not reproduce (zero population growth)

40% - below this level the clans will start to riot and destroy mines and factories.

30% - below this level the clans will not pay taxes (zero income).

20% - below this level the clans will start fighting (negative population growth).

The clans of natives have a separate happiness rating, but it follows exactly the same range as above.

Taxation reduces happiness.

Both colonists and natives will gain 5% happiness per turn if they are below 100% happiness. Avian natives are exceptionally forgiving and will gain an additional 10% happiness. These numbers are reduced by excessive numbers of mines and/or factories on the planet's surface, and by excessive population. For natives they are also affected by the government type. For details see

If a planet is taken over in a ship to planet battle, the happiness of the planet's natives will drop by 20 points. The happiness of the colonists is unaffected.

A successful ground assault will not alter the planet's happiness.

The only other way to increase colonist happiness is the Hiss special mission. Both Hiss and Rebel Ground Attack (RGA) increase native happiness, but the latter is a fairly costly way to do it. Hiss will increase the happiness by five points per ship hissing and RGA will increase native happiness by 40 points.

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