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This mission, usually available only to the Gorns, is all about happiness. Every ship hissing over a planet will increase the happiness of both colonists and natives by a fixed amount (usually 5 points). There is a limit to how many hissing ships have a cumulative effect (usually 3). Check these numbers in your host configuration. The relevant configuration options are AllowHiss, HissEffectRate and MaxShipsHissing.

This increased happiness allows greater taxation and therefore greater income. A greater happiness may also increase the planet's experience gain.

Hissing can be performed over planets owned by another race - helpful for allies, pretty pointless to do it for your enemies ... Note that the happiness increase do to a hisss mission occurs prior to a happiness reduction due to taxes. As happiness can never surpass 100%, there is no point in hisssing a planet with 96% happiness with more than one ship, given default hisss effect.

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