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Your homeworld is your starting planet. In games where you start with more than one planet, your homeworld is the one with the largest population and the starbase. Games where you start with more than one starbase are beyond the scope of this guide!

In some custom scenarios there is a special value attached to homeworlds - sometimes the game can be won simply by capturing the homeworlds of one or more enemies. In most games the homeworld has no special value, but it is usually rich in minerals and home to the largest single population of your colonists. Losing your homeworld can seriously cripple your economy and your expansion, at least in the first half of the game.

Homeworlds usually have no natives, so once you have found a decent Insectoid, Avian or Bovinoid planet, your homeworld maynot be the most important planet in your empire. It's still psychologically important though!

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