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The word 'host' in this game has three meanings:

1. Noun - the program which processes all players' turn files, carries out their orders, resolves conflicts and produces the new turn's result files. There are many different host programs - the two most commonly used ones are Tim Wisseman's original host.exe program (called THost) and the portable host (called PHost). It is impossible to understate the importance of familiarity with the host program. Although the basic concepts described in this documentation are the same from host to host, the implementation can vary widely, even between versions of the same host.

2. Verb - the act of running the above program to generate a new turn

3. Noun - the human being who is in charge of the game. Note that many automated hosting sites do not need human hosts, and also that many human hosts play in the games they are hosting (which is no problem, providing they are honest).

A short, uncomplete list of hosting sites:

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