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The most important choice when building a ship is the decision which type of ship you want to build.

The hull is the body of the ship and determines

  • the amount of cargo you can carry
  • the amount of beam weapons you can fit into it at maximum
  • the amount of torpedo tubes you can fit into it or wether it comes with fighter bays. If a hull comes with fighter bays, you don't have to purchase them seperately, they are in that case an integral part of the hull
  • the number of engines
  • the maximum amount of crew
  • any special abilities a hull may or may not have.
  • the size of the fuel tank.

Further, often most of the mass of a ship is attributed to its hull. Additional mass is added by the beams and tubes fitted into the hull and by the cargo and fuel loaded into the ships cargo space and fuel tank respectively.

Your choice of race and ship list affects which hull types are accessible to you. At most you have 20 different hulls to choose from.

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