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The hyperdrive is a drive which propells the ship in one turn to a target in a distance between 340 and 360 lightyears from its current position in space. If the specified target is not within that range, the ship will make a jump in the direction of that target of exactly 350 lightyears. One jump burns 50kt of fuel. A hyperjump is initiated by setting the ship's FC to "HYP", a warp speed other than zero and a waypoint other than the current position of the ship. After a successful hyperjump the ship's warp speed is reset to zero. If not sufficient fuel is abord, the ship will travel at the preset warp speed in normal movement in the direction of its target.

Ships in hyperspace avoid all minefields. The hyperdrive can not be used to escape a tow. Hyperjumping can not be combined with the intercept mission. A ship using its hyperdrive can not tow another ship. Just as with normal travel you can make use of warpwells.

The ability to hyperjump is configured in the configuration file with the options AllowHyperWarps and DamageLevelForHyperjumpFail.

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