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In Planets there are two things which can have a mission, ships and starbases:

ship missions:

Besides these missions various ship types can make use of one or more of their special abilities, their so-called hull functions which may or may not be controlled via the ship's friendly code.

starbase missions

  • Refuel - all friendly ships will be refueled. If there is not enough fuel to go round, the low-ID ships will get fuel first.
  • Maximise Defence - the base will automatically build up its own defence (not planetary defence posts), until it runs out of Duranium or MCs, or the defence is maxed
  • Load Torps - all friendly ships will receive torps from the base, until they are full or the base runs out of the correct torps. If there are not enough torps to go round, low-ID ships will get torps first.
  • Unload Freighters - all base-owned ships OR ships with a matching friendly code will have their cargo unloaded (excluding ordnance and fuel). This speeds up allied play, because the resources start the turn on the planet ready for use, instead of still on the ship.
  • Repair Base - the base will automatically repair itself.
  • Force Surrender - any fuelless enemy ships, and any enemy ships with the same friendly code as the base (excluding special friendly codes) will surrender to the owner of the base.
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