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Natives and taxation1

The native races living on the planets in the Echo Cluster are the key to developing a steady income of megacredits from which to fund your empire. To a far lesser extent, colonists can also generate megacredits, but native populations are much larger and therefore produce more taxes (with Cyborg as an extreme exception). When you have a large population of colonists or natives on a planet you should begin taxing them. This taxation is the way in which you can collect megacredits directly from the population.

To collect megacredits from natives have clans present on the surface of the planet. Your clans work with the natives as your empire's tax collectors. Native populations on the planets have their own government, ranging from total anarchy to a state of unity. This native government influences how fast the native population will become unhappy when being taxed, and also how much tax the natives will pay. The better the government type, the more taxes the natives will pay and the less unhappy paying taxes makes them.

In addition to paying taxes, each of the native types in the cluster has its own advantages or disadvantages. Knowing these advantages and using them can help improve your economy.

Humanoids The Humanoids are expert starship hull designers. When a starbase is constructed in orbit around a humanoid planet the starbase will automatically gain technology level 10 hulls. Normally, you would have to invest 4500MC to improve a base up to a hull tech level? of 10.

Siliconoids The Siliconoids are expert torpedo engineers. When a starbase is constructed in orbit around a Siliconoid planet the starbase will automatically gain technology level 10 torpedo launchers.

Reptilians The Reptilians are a friendly native species. They are large, Lizard-like lifeforms that evolved into walking on two legs. Lizards are very strong, and will automatically help your colonists to mine minerals out of the planet's core. On planets with Reptilian native life, minerals are mined twice as fast as on other planets.

Ghipsoldals The Ghipsoldal natives are experts at warp propulsion technology. When a starbase is constructed in orbit around a Ghipsoldal planet the starbase will automatically gain technology level 10 engines.

Insectoids The Insectoids are good for producing extra megacredits in your empire. Being very responsible the Insectoid race produces twice the normal amount of taxes per turn. This way they yield a high amount of megacredits even at lower tax rates, and even Insectoid populations with a mediocre government will produce a steady flow of megacredits. On these planets you only need 1 colonist clan in order to collect 2 MC from the natives.

Avians The Avians are also very helpful at producing megacredits for your empire, but for a different reason. The Avians are either very kind or somewhat dumb, scientists are not sure which. Either way, the Avians are very quick to forgive you for overtaxing them. They will allow you to overtax them without growing unhappy. When they do grow unhappy, not taxing them for a few turns will result in the Avians become happy again very quickly. Technically they gain an additional +5 in happiness each turn.

Amphibians The Amphibian natives are experts at energy wave-guide technology. When a starbase is constructed in orbit around a Amphibian planet the starbase will automatically gain technology level 10 beam weapons.

Amorphous worms The Amorphous natives are an inhospitable race (and the only undesirable natives). They consume 500 colonists (5 clans) each turn, or more if they are unhappy. They never pay taxes (trying it will only make them unhappy). It is difficult to maintain small colonies alongside Amorphs. With a large enough population, your colonists grow fast enough to at least maintain their population size. Amorphous natives can be destroyed instantly using the Fascist glory device, and slowly using Pillage. If a glory device is detonated over an Amorphous planet, it will convert every 1000 native clans into 1 supply unit. Consider pillaging the Amorphous regularly. Assuming a growth rate of 5% and 2% happiness gain each turn, you can pillage them every 5th turn without decrease in numbers and happiness - and you have a constant supply and cash flow throughout the game.

Bovinoids Bovinoids are cow-like creatures, and perhaps the most valuable native race. They provide supply units, just by existing. Every 100,000 Bovinoids (1000 clans) will produce one extra supply unit per turn. But one colonist clan is needed per supply in order to collect those. So make sure you have enough colonists on each Bovinoid planet.

[1] Adopted from Donovan

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