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Priority Build Points are the moste widely used system to control the build queue after the ship limit has been reached. Its intention is to reward those players who are actively engaged in war and destroy other ships by giving them extra builds (compared with the usual FIFO queue operation).

For every kt of hull mass you destroy in ship combat you are usually awarded 1 PBP. But in order to build a ship, you'll have to pay twice (or even 2 1/2 times) the mass of the ship you like to build in PBP. Further, usually there is a minimum PBP amount spent on a single prioritized order, usually 400 to 500 PBP. So, you have to destroy 1000kt of enemy ships (equivalent to one Death Star!) in combat before you can build an additional 400-500 kt of warship, bypassing the FIFO queue.

You have to order your starbases specifically to do a priority build. This is done by setting the planets friendly code to PBx where x is a number between 1 and 9. PB1 is the base that builds first, PB2 second and so forth.

You are granted this priority build, if you have set a PBx friendly code at one of your bases with a valid build order, the highest PBP count, sufficient PBPs to build the ship orderd at that specific base and at least one ship slot got freed that turn.

Check your host configuration for the exact awards of PBPs. Some games award PBPs for actions other than destroying ships in combat: ground combat, glory devices, ship capture etc.

Note that PBPs gained that very turn, due to whatever action, are only awarded AFTER the ships are built.

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