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Every PHost game comes with its own configuration file pconfig.src.

This file contains all the parameters that may be configured individually for your game. Ask your host wether there are deviations from the usual set of parameters. Anyway check out the most important default settings.

For a detailed description see the PHost documentation.

  • GameName:
As the variable sais, it defines the game's name. No influence what-so-ever. May be up to 31 letters long
  • DisablePasswords: Yes or No.
If disabled, the password protection of the rsts will not be used, even if a player requests it.
  • AllowRegisteredFunctions: Yes or No.
If set to "No", the game will only allow shareware functionality for all players, even if they own a registered copy of either WinPlan or Planets.exe
  • AllowShipNames: Yes, No or Allies.
If disabled, shipnames will not be send to other players in their rsts; this is good for anonymous games. If set to "Allies", only your allies will know your ship names. The option of choice for anonymous team games.
  • ScoringMethod: Compatible or None.
With "Compatible" a score will be send to all players that contains the number of planets, bases, capital ships and freighters each player possesses. If set to "None", no scoring information is reported (i.e., the counts are set to zero). Players only receive their own counts, and, when they are allied with someone, their allies' counts (planets and bases when a Planet level alliance exists, ship counts when a ship level alliance exists).
  • TonsScoreCountsPlanets: Yes or No.
Rarely used. If the sunk tonnage is counted this determines whether destroyed planets count towards this tonnage, too.
  • PlayerRace = 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11
The numbers determine the players' race, or more precisely, their special ability, like "Scotty bonus" and +3 Fighter bays for the Feds, 150% damage for the Gorn, etc. It does not configure their special mission. A number of 12 will define an unspecial race with no special abilities.
  • PlayerSpecialMission = (same as player race)
This defines the players' special mission, like superrefit for the Feds, Hisss for the Gorn etc.
  • MapTruehullByPlayerRace = Yes or No.
Defines how the truehull.dat entries are interpreted. Under normal circumstances this will not need to be modified.
  • NumShips = 500 (100 ... 999)
Sets maximum amount of ships that can be present in the overall game at any time.
  • AllowWraparoundMap = Yes or No
If set to yes, the map will be such that you enter the map on the left side again, if you leave it on the right side and vice versa. The same applies for leaving it on the top and entering in the bottem.
  • WraparoundRectangle = 1000,1000,3000,3000 (4 integers)
This defines the borders of the wrap around region.
  • AllowPlayerMessages = Yes or No
Defines wether you are allowed to send ingame messages to other players or not.
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