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This mission, usually available only to the Klingons, generates supplies and megacredits but kills about 20% of the colonists and natives on a planet. For every 100 clans of natives or colonists on that planet one supply unit and one megacredit is generated. As much money and supplies as possible are beamed abord the pillaging star ship; if supplies cannot be beamed abord, they are sold for money in order to be carried away by the pillaging ship. The remaining colonists and natives will, perhaps unsurprisingly, be 10% less happy. See your host documentation for the exact numbers.

Whether more than one ship can pillage the same planet on the same turn depends on your host configuration. Look for the option CumulativePillaging.

Yes, you can pillage your own planets. You might be short of money, or want to kill off the amorphous natives. You cannot pillage planets NOT owned by any of the eleven player races though.

If a planet is pillaged, both, the owner of the planet and the owner of the ship receive a message that reads like


The Klingon Empire
is plundering
892 IV
Planet ID# :  1
20% of the population has been
killed. Their money and supplies
now lay scattered about the surface.
 Natives  :  15420
 Colonists:  8280
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