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The term 'race' in the game can refer to either colonists or natives. Each player plays one race of colonists. Only one race of colonists and one race of natives can exist on each planet.

In most games you find eleven distinct player races, recognisable from various sci-fi movies and TV shows:

  • The Solar Federation / United Federation of Planets (Star Trek)
  • The Gorn Federation / Lizard Alliance (Star Trek)
  • The Romulans / Birdmen (Star Trek)
  • The Klingons / Fascists (Star Trek)
  • The Orions Pirates / Privateers (Star Trek or Ferengi from Next Generation)
  • The Borg Collective / Cyborg (Star Trek: TNG)
  • The Tholians Holdfast / Crystalline (Star Trek)
  • The Empire (Star Wars)
  • The Cylons / Robotic Imperium (Battlestar Galactica)
  • The Rebels (Star Wars)
  • The Missing Colonies of Men (Battlestar Galactica)

They have their own special mission, a unique choice of ships along with their hull functions and most have some other unique abilities or properties, too.

In game terms, the races are distinguished in three main ways:

1. Each race has a unique special mission which no other race can use.

2. Each race can build a different set of ships, though some individual ship designs are common to multiple races (see your ship list documentation for details). Much of a race's strength depends upon the ship list. For tlist there exists a comparative statistics on winnings based on race.

3. Each race has different abilities - taxation, mining, ground combat, etc. There are many of these, and it is worth studying your host configuration carefully to learn your race's strengths and weaknesses. PHost adds a large number of combat abilities which can vary by race, making some races more proficient with fighters, others with torpedoes etc.

There are also different native races.

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