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One of the most feared of all missions, the Orions' Rob mission allows them to steal cargo from enemy ships. As if them stealing your precious minerals, supplies and megacredits wasn't bad enough, they can also steal fuel with this mission. If the enemy ship is empty of fuel after robbing, it can be captured by boarding.

If you have several of your ships in one location, the ship with the lowest ID will rob first, then the 2nd lowest and so forth. The same goes for the presence of multiple enemy ships: First you rob the enemy ship with the lowest ID. If you then still have fuel room or cargo room left, you'll continue (with the same ship!) to rob the 2nd lowest enemy ship and so forth. The order of things robbed is neutronium first, then tritanium, duranium, molybdenum, supplies and then cash, though the order can vary depending on which host program is used.

You will not rob ships to whose owner you have a ship level alliance

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