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When you are playing this game, the score may or may not be important. In some games, scores determine who wins. In other games, scores are completely blanked out (so that players are unable to deduce information about other empires).

The original scoring system for this game is as follows:

planets and ships are worth 10 points each (regardless of whether it's a freighter or a battleship, a colony of ten million or a single clan)

starbases are worth 120 points (regardless of any improvements made eg. tech levels, defence, fighters)

As you can see, this system has obvious drawbacks when it comes to representing the might of an empire, so many alternative scoring algorithms exist. One of the most popular scoring programs is ptscore, which can be configured in many different ways.

Always make sure you know what scoring algorithm is being used in a game, and whether the score is important (for victory) or not. For example, some games end when one player holds 125 planets for 10 consecutive turns - but that player is not necessarily the winner if s/he does not have the highest score!

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