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Planets (Version 3.x)

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All races are scored by the standard VGA Planets score, which is based on the amount of ships, planets and starbases each race owns. Scores are assigned as follows:

    * 1 point per freighter (any ship without any beams, torpedotubes or fighterbays counts as a freighter)
    * 10 points per battleship
    * 10 points per planet
    * 120 points per starbase

Many alternative scoring methods exist, such as PTscore, VGAPscore and Uscore. Hosts may also decide to use the Ref program to score a certain scenario. Each scoring method works differently, and independent of the standard VGA Planets score. It is very well possible to be in the lead by the standard score, but ranked lower by one of the alternate scoring methods. Always keep in mind which method your game uses to decide who has won.

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