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Ships can only be build at a planet with a starbase. A ship always consists of a hull and one or more engines. Ships may come with beams and may or may not have torps or fighter bays. Fighter bays are built in elements of the hull.

Each element, the hull, each engine, each beam weapon and each torpedo launcher cost a certain amount of resources, that is tritanium, duranium, molybdenum and money.

Also each component has a certain tech level? which must be available at the starbase in order to be able to purchase it.

Normal ship building

The components are bought piecewise at the starbase and then a corresponding build order is issued. The total cost of a ship is simply the sum of all of its components.

Cloning ships

You can only clone ships which are not part of your race's ship list.

In this case you don't purchase the parts at the starbase during your turn. You'll have to make sure though, that you have the amount of minerals on your planet's surface in order to build all parts of the ship to be cloned. Additionally you'll (normally) need twice the amount of money that the original manufacturer of the ship needed in order to build that particular ship. If you set the ship's friendly code to "cln", a clone order is issued. It does take precedence over a normal build order should both be present at one base. Otherwise, especially with respect to the treatment in a build queue, a clone order is treated as any other build order. That is, you'll have to prioritize it, should you want to avoid the ship sitting for ages in orbit over a base waiting to get cloned. Additionally, a prioritzed clone order will cost more build points, should your game employ a PBP system to run the build queue. The factor is determined by the pconfig setting PBPCloneCostRate'.

For the Orions and Tholians cloning is normally way more expensive than for the other races, thus becoming very unattractive for them. The cost multiplicator for each race is set via the PBPCostPer100KT configuration option. Not that this option only influence the monetary cost of building the ship; the amount of minerals needed is unaffected.

Prioritzing builds

After the ship limit hit, you normally can prioritize certain builds. For details see the build queue page.

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