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A 'ship list' is a set of files which define the characteristics of the ships which can be built in the game, including which races can build which ships. The ship list files also specify the characteristics of the available engines, beams and torpedoes you can put on your ships.

The original ship list has been unchanged since 1992. It is widely considered to be dramatically unbalanced, with many useless ships which experienced players would never build. Despite this, it is still used in many games.

Many, many people have designed alternative ship lists for use with the game. To use a different ship list, the host and all the players must use the same shiplist files. This is usually achieved by the host distributing the files to all players at the start of the game.

One ship list worthy of note is the PList, which is designed for use with PHost. It is extremely well balanced, and the latest version contains numerous advanced features, including hull functions which are dependent on experience.

Links to the most common shiplist sites:

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