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Ships are the third fundamental concept in this game (see also planets and starbases). They are big lumps of metal which fly around the galaxy exploring, transporting cargo and fighting. Each ship has a number of characteristics:

An ID number - assigned randomly when the ship is created

A name - assigned by the player

A hull

A number of engines and their type

A number of beams and their type, if any

A number of torpedo tubes (and their type) or fighter bays - note that ordnance occupies space in the cargo bay alongside ordinary cargo. Ships can have either tubes or bays but never both. They may come without any tubes or bays.

A mass in kilotons (which is a total of the separate masses of the hull, fuel and cargo - beams and torpedo tubes add to the hull mass)

A fuel tank (kt capacity) and the amount of fuel currently carried (kt); it's defined by the hull type.

A cargo bay (kt capacity, separate from the fuel tank) and the amount of cargo currently carried - any combination of Tritanium, Duranium, Molybdenum, colonist clans and supplies, plus torpedoes (if it has tubes) or fighters (if it has bays). A ship's cargo hold can also contain up to 10,000MC (megacredits are weightless). The cargo capacity is also a hull property

A Primary Enemy

A friendly code

A crew which may have an experience level. The maximum amount of crew is also a hull property.

A warp factor

A damage number, if it has been damaged. This will be between 1% and 99%, because 0% damage is not shown and 100% damage means the ship is destroyed (unless you are using a host program which allows the Lizard race to sustain up to 149% damage before destruction).

A mission

A heading and/or a waypoint

One or more hull functions. These are a hull property. Some may only be available at higher crew experience levels.

Each race can build different ships (see your ship list documentation for details). Ships can only be built at starbases. Each base can build only one ship per turn. Most ships can be cloned. Ships cost resources and megacredits to build. Larger ships can carry more cargo and/or weapons, but cost more to build and require more engines and fuel to power them.

One of the most contentious restrictions in the game is the ship limit. This defaults to 500, which means that after 500 ships have been built, no more can be built until one is destroyed.

Ships can change owner in four ways:

1. Given from one race to another.

2. Captured in combat by a ship or planet which kills all its crew.

3. Captured by a starbase using the Force Surrender order. The ship must be either out of fuel or with a friendly code matching the planet for this to work.

4. Captured by a boarding party. The ship must be out of fuel and successfully towed for this to work.

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