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Supplies are of vital importance to your empire. They are used to build structures on planets, but can also be transformed into minerals on special Alchemy Ships. There are two principal ways to obtain supplies. The most common method is to colonise a planet and build some factories. The second method of obtaining supplies is by colonising planets that have Bovinoid natives on them. These natives are kind enough to produce supplies for your colonists. How many supplies you will receive depends on the number of these natives and the amount of clans on the planet.

Supplies can also be generated by the Pillage special mission and by blowing up Amorphous natives with a glory device.

Supplies are measured in kilotons (kt).

There are two other uses of supplies:

1. They can be sold - one supply sells for 1 megacredit.

2. They can be used to repair ships - 5 supplies repairs 1 percentage point of damage.

[1] This section is adopted from Donovan

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