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Taxation is the primary method of generating megacredits. (Others are selling supplies and using the Pillage special mission.)

Taxation can be applied to colonists or natives. Each percentage point of taxation generates 1MC per 1000 clans. For colonist taxation, that's it (unless you're the Feds - see below). For native taxation, this amount is modified by two factors:

1. The government type

2. The number of colonist clans available to collect the tax. Each clan can only collect 1MC in tax per turn. If there are not enough clans to collect the taxes, the excess is lost.

Insectoid natives produce double taxation, after both the above modifiers are applied (ie. each colonist clan can collect 2MC from Insectoids). Traditionally the Federation can extract double taxes from both colonists and natives - so each Fed clan will collect 4MC from Insectoids!

Taxation reduces happiness. The exact formula may or may not be in your host documentation.

There is an upper limit to the amount of tax that can be collected from a single planet in a turn - it defaults to 6000MC.

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