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There are two types of terraforming hull functions:

Ore condensers

are ships equipped with this function will increase the density of all the resources present in the core of a planet, but only up to the median density of 50.

Temperature changers

There are three variations on this theme, all designed to change the planet's climate to be more hospitable for the inhabitants. Some ships cool hot planets down to 50c, others heat cold planets up to 50c. The third variant heats planets all the way up to 100c, the preferred temperature of the Tholian and Siliconoid races. Since there is no race which prefers planets colder than 50c, there is no terraforming device to cool planets below 50c.

Terraforming devices only work if the ship is in orbit above a planet and has at least 1kt of fuel. For the per-turn change in mineral density or temperature, and the damage level above which terraforming functions will not work, see your game configuration; these settings usually vary for different ship lists.

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