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Torpedoes are one of three ways ships and planets can damage each other in combat (see also beams and fighters). Torpedoes are guided missiles which are carried in the cargo holds of warships. Each torpedo weighs exactly 1kt.

The effectiveness of torpedoes in combat depends on two things: the number of torpedo tubes the ship or planet has, and the power of each torpedo. More tubes means more torps can be fired in a given time period, doing more damage. More powerful torps do more damage than less powerful ones. Traditionally there are ten different torpedo types. Each type of torpedo can only be fired from a tube of the same type.

Torpedoes can be created in two ways:

1. At a starbase, they can be built manually at a cost which depends on the torp type. Each torp costs 1kt Tritanium, 1kt Duranium and 1kt Molybdenum, plus a number of megacredits which depends on the type (the more powerful the torp, the higher the MC cost).

2. Some races can build torpedoes on their ships using the Build from Cargo or Gather-build mission. These torps cost the same as those built by the method above.

Torpedoes can also be used to lay minefields. More powerful torps produce more mines.

Torpedo tubes are created at starbases as part of the shipbuilding process. All torpedo tubes on a ship must be of the same type, and a ship can only carry that type of torpedoes in its cargo hold. Each type of tube has the following characteristics:

Cost to build, in resources and megacredits

Torp tech level required at the starbase to build it

Mass, in kilotons (this adds to the hull mass of the ship for fuel consumption purposes, but not for combat purposes)

A "kill damage" rating, which determines how fast the torps kill ship crew

An "explosive damage" rating, which determines how fast the torps destroy ships and planetary defences

The number of mines each torp will create

A recharge rate, which will determine how much time must pass in combat before it can fire again

A base hit probability, which determines how likely it is to hit its target

The last two are specific to PHost - all the others are used in all games. For exact details, see your ship list documentation.

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