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This mission is intended as a replacement or addition to the btt friendly code. Parameter 1 is the Id number of the ship to receive the torpedoes. It must be at the same position as the giving ship, and have the same torpedo launcher type. Parameter 2 specifies the number of torpedoes to transfer. Setting this value to zero will transfer all torpedoes. When the receiving ship doesn't have enough cargo space, the sender will keep the excess torpedoes.

Parameter 1 (Intercept-ID): Receiving ship Id Parameter 2 (Towee-ID): Number of torps to transfer (0=all)

Version differences:

  • (v3.4b:) In PHost 3.4a and before, the two ships can not belong to the same race. In 3.4b and later, ownership doesn't matter.
  • (v4.0h:) You can also use the transfer command instead of this mission.


    * both ships have torpedo tubes of the same type
    * both ships are at same position
    * no fuel required

Relevant PControl Stage: BeamTransfers.

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