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Ships move at warp speed. There are nine warp speeds. The maximum allowed travel distance of a ship in a turn is equal to the square of its warp speed, in light years. So

Warp 1 = 1LY

Warp 2 = 4LY

Warp 3 = 9LY

Warp 4 = 16LY

Warp 5 = 25LY

Warp 6 = 36LY

Warp 7 = 49LY

Warp 8 = 64LY

Warp 9 = 81LY

Ships with gravitonic accelerators move twice the indicated distance.

Ships which are damaged may be unable to travel at high warp speeds. See your host documentation for details.

Ships which run out of fuel (Neutronium) will stop moving. Fuel is consumed on a linear basis, e.g. if a ship moving at warp 6 requires 30kt of Neutronium to move 36LY, but it only has 15kt aboard, it will move only 18LY. If it has 20kt aboard it will move 24LY, and so on.

Ships which hit a web mine will stop moving immediately.

Ships which hit a normal mine may be slowed down or stopped. Ships with hardened engines will continue their travel regardless of mine hits or damage. A ship with a hull tech level greater than HullTechNotSlowedByMines (see your pconfig.src,default=7) will continue their movement upon a minehit normally only if the damage remains sufficiently small in order to avoid a reduction of its warp speed due to damage. All other ships will loose ten light years of their maximum allowed travel distance as given above by their warp speed. E.g. a ship with warp 8 and a waypoint of 48 LY will still reach its destination (64-10 = 54), but a ship with warp 8 and a waypoint of 59 LY will only travel to a waypoint 54 LY away from its previous location. Of course the normal warp speed reduction due to heavy damage applies here as well.

For further details see the phost docs and your game's configuration.

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