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Web mines are among the most feared inventions in the galaxy. First, they stop a ship in its tracks, draining some of its fuel (usually 50kt or 1/6th of the fuel aboard - whatever is more). Then, they continue to drain fuel every turn the ship remains inside the web (usually 25kt per turn), until the ship is empty of fuel. This per-turn-drain happens after mine sweep and before movement. This effect is cumulative for each web: a ship that is inside two overlapping Tholian webminefields gets drained 50 kilotons of fuel. CHECK whether true for PHost: Webmines belonging to races other than the Tholians do not drain ships of fuel as long as the ship does not hit a web during flight. The Tholians themselves are immune to the effect of all webmines, regardless of who owns the webmine and if that race is an ally of the Tholians or not. Is a ship drained empty, it is (with all its other cargo) vulnerable to capture by boarding.

In many respects, web mines are similar to normal mines. They are created from torpedoes, they form circular fields, they decay a small amount each turn, they can be swept by beam weapons. To discover the exact formulae - hit probabilities, decay rates, sweep rates etc. - please consult your host documentation.

A ship that hits a web mine will send a message to its owner to inform of the mishap:

(-e0217)<<< DISTRESS CALL! >>>

ID # 217
Has struck a WEB mine!
Damage is at 2%
We are stuck in the web!
We are burning fuel to keep
our shields up!

( 2072, 1960 )

Should your ship be that unlucky that it completely runs out of fuel in a webmine field, the web field's owner will receive a message like

(-w1263)<<< Scanner Report >>>

Ship ID# 263
is out of fuel and energy.
They can no longer attack us.

thus giving her/him the information that it now is safe to tow-capture your ship.

Web mines can usually only be laid by the Tholian race.

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