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Wormholes, as any sci-fi fan knows, are rifts in the space-time continuum, which connect two different points in space (these are known as the "ends" of the wormhole). Travelling through a wormhole allows a ship to move from one end to the other instantaneously. This happens after its regular movement?, and is facilitated by the friendly code WRT.

Wormholes may or may not be stable - if a wormhole is not stable, a ship may be damaged or even destroyed by attempting to travel through it. Even stable wormholes may damage extremely large ships (each wormhole has a "mass" which is equivalent to the tonnage which can pass safely through it).

Wormholes may or may not move - one or both ends may move gradually over time.

Wormholes may be bi-directional or uni-directional. You may not know which until you travel through it!

Wormholes are not automatically visible. All ships can scan for wormholes using the special friendly code WRS. Such scanning may or may not reveal the closest wormhole. Some ships are equipped with a special hull function which allows them to scan all nearby wormholes, not just the closest one, when using this friendly code.

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