Scripting Stellarium

The scenario I faced is such that I like to create screenshots of the sky, certain constellations and surroundings of selected stars in a (semi-) automated manner so that I can use these screenshots in other documents or an outlook on the sky in the coming week(s).

There is two way to approach this: Scripting Stellarium weiterlesen

Display maps with OpenStreetMaps

So it turns out that the usage of google maps is not easily possible anymore and you are bound to pay from the very first page view which uses it.

Setting up a new wordpress website for the local amateur observatory, the Hans-Zimmermann-Sternwarte in Braunschweig-Hondelage, I was looking for alternatives – and OSM has been on my radar for some time (and I have been using it somewhat, yet infrequently). A good time to take a more closer look at it and how to utilize it.

Display maps with OpenStreetMaps weiterlesen

Python with anaconda: spyder’s python is not conda’s python

This is a small lesson I learnt in the last days as I’m relatively new to managing my python environments with anaconda and started using it on different machines. Python with anaconda: spyder’s python is not conda’s python weiterlesen